Best Selling Author

Mary Pat Kelly

Mary Pat Kelly’s deep knowledge of all things Irish informs her books, films and academic work. Her celebrated historical fiction series, the bestseller Galway Bay, Of Irish Blood and now Irish Above All tells the Irish American story through her own family’s saga. A great-great grandmother escapes with her children from the Great Starvation and against all odds her grandson becomes Mayor of Chicago.

As a filmmaker her credits include Proud starring Ossie Davis and Stephen Rea, three award-winning PBS documentaries, and work in television for Good Morning America and Saturday Night Live. She wrote the book and lyrics for the musical Abby’s Song (now an animated film Shirah of Bethlehem). A graduate of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Kelly received her PhD in English from the CUNY Graduate Center.

Named by Irish America Magazine as one of the Top-100 Irish Americans, Global Irish and Power Women, she is president of Irish American Writers & Artists. Mary Pat was born and raised in Chicago and lives in New York with her husband, web developer Martin Sheerin from County Tyrone.